Aren’t All Realtors Alike?

Over the years, I’m sure you’ve met someone perhaps at a dinner party or networking event, told them you’re a Realtor and then had them say “oh, my cousin, sister, brother or friend (pick one) has a real estate license, they do it part-time for extra money”. Like nails on the chalkboard, the hairs on the back of your neck begin to rise as you know darn well that having a real estate license is just not the same as having a real estate business.

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Do More of What Makes You Happy

(Zen Advice from Pia, TMC’s Office Manager) Recently I heard Michelle on the phone chatting with a Realtor about some of the struggles he was having creating the business he really wanted. She told him over the years she’d met many agents who started out with a vision but soon realized that there was way […]

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Why Did You Choose a Career in Real Estate?

There are almost as many reasons for people choosing a career in real estate as there are Realtors in the business.

Some are seeking flexibility and freedom with their schedules and see being an independent agent as a means to control their schedule. There are those that love sales and see this as a place to make their mark. While others are passionate about helping buyers and sellers realize their individual home-ownership dreams and have answered the call.

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How to Avoid a “Hot Mess” if your Computer Dies

As a cat computers are not that important to me, except for the cat food Michelle orders for me, I find no use for them in my life. However, they seem to be a place where her and her team spend a lot of time working and not enough napping, so they must be pretty […]

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Playing Hooky

When is the last time you took an afternoon off just to play? Or even a day or two? I hope that time away from your work is a regular part of your schedule, but over the years many agents I’ve met sadly tell me it’s not the case. Recently I took the afternoon off […]

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