Staying Connected Without Going Crazy

More than 17 years ago, when I started in real estate, we didn’t use the internet. There were no websites to get instant information on taxes or neighborhoods. We didn’t have “CrackBerrys” or “iPhones” to instantly know when someone wanted us either by mail or text. Yet, closings took place day after day after day. […]

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More Sales….. Less Selling

The easiest way to increase business is by staying connected with those that already know, trust, and adore you. This is the number one strategy of many top sales and business professionals. They realize that nurturing a relationship, building rapport, and staying connected is one of the best and possibly the only way to build […]

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Lagniappe ~ The Secret Ingredient to Success in Real Estate

One of my favorite words to say is Lagniappe, (pronounced LAN-yap) which means “‘to increase; to add’”. The idea of getting something a little extra when making a purchase makes us all smile. That extra is something that exceeds our expectations, like a baker’s dozen. The little extra things when done well that make others […]

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