Why Did You Choose a Career in Real Estate?

There are almost as many reasons for people choosing a career in real estate as there are Realtors in the business.

Some are seeking flexibility and freedom with their schedules and see being an independent agent as a means to control their schedule. There are those that love sales and see this as a place to make their mark. While others are passionate about helping buyers and sellers realize their individual home-ownership dreams and have answered the call.

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How to Avoid a “Hot Mess” if your Computer Dies

As a cat computers are not that important to me, except for the cat food Michelle orders for me, I find no use for them in my life. However, they seem to be a place where her and her team spend a lot of time working and not enough napping, so they must be pretty […]

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Playing Hooky

When is the last time you took an afternoon off just to play? Or even a day or two? I hope that time away from your work is a regular part of your schedule, but over the years many agents I’ve met sadly tell me it’s not the case. Recently I took the afternoon off […]

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How do you see it?

Recently my sweetie came home and told me about an experiment he’d done at work that I thought you may like. Prior to a scheduled meeting he was leading he wrote the following on the white board: 9 x 1 = 7                              9 x 2 = 18 9 x 3 = 27                             9 x 4 = […]

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Do Something Positive For Yourself Today

Hey (insert name), yes you with the long, long list of things to do. The one rushing around trying to get it all done, fretting about what’s left on the list and fearing that you won’t be able to get more than half of if done. Stop right there, put the list down and step […]

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