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Getting the Most Value from your Transaction Coordinator

We are committed to providing exceptional service to you and here’s some things we’ve learned over the years that can help us do that for you. Keep your Transaction Coordinator in the Loop Developing new habits takes commitment, and the reward for keeping your Transaction Coordinator in the loop is more time for yourself and […]

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Zen Habits From The Cat

Dear friends: Stop right there, take a deep breath, look around what do you see? Pretty cool right, all the colors, the shapes and maybe even the people who are nearby. Now take another deep breath, and look around again, I bet you see even more this time. That’s what some call Mindfulness, which comes […]

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Cat’s Don’t Need Smart Phones

Smart phones……. I don’t think even if we could use them we’d want them. It’s a fact that we’re smarter than dogs anyway. And we’re not known for being super social, we’re perfectly happy to be left alone to nap. Sure, some of us meow and wake up the family in the morning or to […]

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Declaring Your Independence

Independence Day, also called the 4th of July, is right around the corner. A day many of us spend with friends and family often around a backyard BBQ, with a cool beverage, enjoying each other and usually some fireworks. Independence Day is the day our founding fathers approved the constitution which declared our independence from […]

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