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Declaring Your Independence

Independence Day, also called the 4th of July, is right around the corner. A day many of us spend with friends and family often around a backyard BBQ, with a cool beverage, enjoying each other and usually some fireworks. Independence Day is the day our founding fathers approved the constitution which declared our independence from […]

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How many items on this list are you still doing?

Attn Busy Real Estate Agents   So many things have to happen once you get a property under contract, but not all of them need to be handled exclusively by YOU   How many items on this list are you still doing?  □    Create a file with all documents, notes, emails and tasks needed/completed □    Phone […]

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Time Management of the Wealthy

Here’s a thought to ponder – if wealthy people and poor people have the same 24 hours in a day, live in the same Country, have similar IQ’s, and health, then what’s so different in their lives? Possible Answer: How they use their time or better yet, how well they manage it. Time is something […]

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The Amazing Power of ……….

Checklists and systems, not quite as exciting as maybe you’d hoped for, and I know you’re busy but stick with me for a minute. Checklists and systems are essential in bringing order to a business. Yet, many resist and often work much harder than necessary to get from start to finish. Many mistakes can be […]

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