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Building Relationships with Target Marketing

Knowing who and building relationships with your target or ideal client is the key to building success in any business.  McDonalds knows that not everyone is their customer, only those wanting quick hot food.  There are no waiters, cloth napkins or wine lists.  They spend their marketing dollars targeting their ideal customer, the person who wants Fast Food.  Your […]

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Wealth Attraction

July was full of fun and adventure.  First the move to the beach, yes I spoke about it in the July newsletter, but I’m still pretty excited to be here and walking on the beach almost daily.  The next exciting event was my trip to Cleveland to see Dan Kennedy speak about Wealth Attraction.  If […]

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Listening + Follow-up = Sales | July 2010

Recently, I was in Daytona Beach looking for a place to call home.  I’m a beach bum at heart and it delights me to say that the perfect house was found, rented and we’re all moved in.  Best of all it’s just 3 blocks from the ocean.  Surfs Up! We decided to rent and found […]

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Time Saving Tip By Diane Rubenstein

Focus on a task, estimate how many minutes it will take and set a timer. At the end of the time, if you have not yet completed it, take a 10 to 20 minute break. Never work longer than 55 minutes without that break. It refreshes you and gives you a new perspective to what […]

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