August 13, 2011

Marketing Budget Out of Control?

Feel like you are you spending too much on marketing? In many a real estate business the largest part of the budget is allocated to lead generation whether by design or by accident. This comes in various forms, websites, print media, paid advertising online and offline as well as direct mailings and social media, to [...]

The Amazing Power of These Two Words………..

In times past people shopped at the places they did, because their family and friends did.  Pre big box stores and mega malls there was more to shopping than getting the item you set out for, it was also experiential.  The person who waited on you knew you, asked how you were and listened when [...]

Simple Ways to Increase your Internet Presence aka “Get Found”

Simple Ways to Increase your Internet Presence aka “Get Found” – by Michelle Spalding Yes, internet marketing can be confusing and downright overwhelming for at times. Having a strong presence there is not only important, it can also be critical to the growth and survival of our business. The internet is the first place we [...]

Essential Mechanics of a World-Class Business

To Do List

nvesting in your future business needs may seem silly to some when all we really want is the phone to ring and the leads to convert to sales. However, without a proper foundation it’s difficult to fully capitalize on all the marketing and lead generation that’s being done. Investing in creating the essential mechanics for our business will ensure that we are getting the most out of our time and dollars.

10 Strategies to Keep your Resolutions and Achieve your Goals

I hope your week and New Year are off to a Rockin’ start.  I just love the New Year; there is so much excitement in the air, a buzz of energy with our new goals or resolutions.  Things we want to change and improve, others we plan to discontinue or curtail. Sadly the buzz and [...]

Happy New Year

I just love the New Year – people are fresh full of energy, ambition and hopes of making this year the best one ever.  Goals are set, resolutions are made and the fun begins. Whether you’ve made resolutions or new goals, anything you want to be different in your life and business must be written [...]

Are you listed on Google? More gifts for you and your family

Can your prospects find you on Google Maps? There’s no doubt that our lives have dramatically changed thanks to Google.  I recently watched a show about them and realized that in just 12 short years they’ve totally changed the way we look for information.  When we were kids, we were told to look in a [...]

Here’s a few Holiday Gifts for you from YOUR Virtual Fairy Godmother

Over the years I’ve had the honor of speaking live and virtually via tele-seminars and webinars about using virtual resources to build a business. A few years ago someone said I was like a Virtual Fairy Godmother and I thought why yes, you’re right, I am. I get to listen to challenges people have and [...]

~Don’t forget to add your business to your holiday gift list~

The Best Holiday Gift for your Real Estate Business   It’s that time of year again – I can hardly believe it. Feels like it was just yesterday that were toasting in the New Year. I guess my Mom was right, time seems to go by much faster the older we get. During the holidays [...]

Forecast: A Blizzard of New Tax Forms Coming From the IRS – Richard Lindsey, CPA

Hidden deep inside the massive 2,409 page health care reform bill are a few lines which will unleash a flurry of paperwork on unsuspecting businesses.  Beginning in 2012 companies will have to issue 1099 forms not just to contract workers but to any individual or corporation from which they buy more than $600 in goods [...]