July 1, 2011

Simple Ways to Increase your Internet Presence aka “Get Found”

Simple Ways to Increase your Internet Presence aka “Get Found” – by Michelle Spalding Yes, internet marketing can be confusing and downright overwhelming for at times. Having a strong presence there is not only important, it can also be critical to the growth and survival of our business. The internet is the first place we [...]

What’s your back up plan?

It’s good to be home after a very lovely vacation in Thailand and Bali.  Comparing the two makes it easy for me to say, I adore Bali and the Balinese people.   They were extremely friendly, helpful and warm.  There was a real since of pride in their villages, a feeling of caring for others [...]

Here’s a few Holiday Gifts for you from YOUR Virtual Fairy Godmother

Over the years I’ve had the honor of speaking live and virtually via tele-seminars and webinars about using virtual resources to build a business. A few years ago someone said I was like a Virtual Fairy Godmother and I thought why yes, you’re right, I am. I get to listen to challenges people have and [...]

Video Makes for Good Google Juice and Leads to SALES

Video is everywhere, just today I took a call from an agent in South Florida who learned about our services after she did a search on YouTube.com.   Internet experts agree, to be seen online we’ve got to include video into our websites and post those videos on all the major sites for maximum exposure.  Now [...]