January 28, 2011

Experts Corner

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One of my favorite things is asking successful people, how they do what they do.  I’ve found that learning form others is generally a short cut to success and much easier than trying to do it alone.  What I’ve found is that much of what we do depends on our thoughts and actions.  The right frame of mind and action, often massive action, will get us to the place of success we’re looking for.

Over the years I’ve interviewed many experts in various topics including:  Internet Marketing, Wealth Building, Sales Strategies, Listening to Buyers as well as various interviews with some of our Top Producing Clients.

Featured here a  a few of my recent interviews.  We’ll update this often so book mark this page and check back soon.

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Michelle Spalding

Obviously, there is little you can learn from doing nothing.            ~Zig Ziglar


Interview with Debra McKinney

Deb McKinneyDebra McKinney discusses wealth magnets with Michelle Spalding.  An obvious expert she’s trained with some of the biggest names including Donald Trump, Bob Proctor on attracting wealth.  In this interview Deb talks about branding, being the celebrity in your niche, taking action and how she was part of a multi million dollar transaction simply by following up.  For more information on Deb visit her website at www.JoinTNT.net/deb.

Deb McKinney


Interview with Steve Clark

North America’s #1 Sales Coach and CEO of New School Selling, he heads an international business development and marketing firm that consults and coaches thousands of sales executives and business owners annually in Australia, Canada and the US.  Steve is a self taught sales person who has read hundreds of sales, management, and psychology books, listened to thousands of hours of audio recordings, attended scores and scores of sales seminars and most importantly made over 10,000 face to face or telephone prospecting calls.

Use the link below to download this to listen to on your PC or your MP3 player.

Michelle’s Interview with Steve Clark


Interview with David Fletcher

Recently I had the privilege of interviewing David Fletcher, long time Realtor, sales person, trainer, author success has been due to his realization that he is better at sales than the details. Early on he found ways to bring people into his

David Fletcher

David Fletcher

team to support one another and to provide the best service to his clients. His experience and wisdom are helpful for new and experienced agents alike.  He’s a national speaker, writer and was awarded the prestigious Keller Williams Life Time Achiever Award in 2008.

I encourage you to listen to this fun and informative interview several times to get the full impact and to help you take your real estate business to the next level.

Use the link below to download this to listen to on your PC or your MP3 player

Michelle’s Interview with David Fletcher – Making the Sale