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As much as we in America love our “Football”  most will agree that Super Bowl is also about the commercials, and why not a lot goes into them.  In years past much of our Monday conversations after game day were not just about the game itself or who won, they were about the commercials, the funny ones, the odd ones and the ones that left us wondering what exactly they were selling.

Several years ago I was traveling in Asia during Super Bowl, it was the year the New Orleans Saints went all the way and won.  I was living in New  Orleans at the time and delighted to see them take the grand prize.  In Thailand we watched the game which was aired on a South African television network without the American commercials.   For us, it just wasn’t the same, we missed the commercials.

Many of the commercials that were aired yesterday are available on YouTube.  As a matter of fact, many were “leaked” prior to the big day to generate buzz about them. On the right you’ll see a two of my favorites.

We’re a video society, we love our videos and creating them is pretty easy however creating ones that people want to watch often and share is another thing.

I recently found a video training series and while it may not make you as popular as say the Mercedes or Toyota commercials, it may help you get your message out in  a way that helps you grow your business.

 james wedmore

With YouTube as the world’s 3rd most-visited website and considered the number two search engine right behind Google it’s clear to see it’s a wise decision to create videos worth watching and sharing.

Share your latest video creation with me on Facebook, until then………

Have a Fantastic Week!

Michelle Spalding

PS – the video training series is loaded with step by step instructions on not just creating good videos, it’s also how to wisely use them to drive traffic to your website.  Check it out : Click Here!





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