Guess Which One I Opened First?

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When we’re in town, Tomie and I take turns picking up the mail at the PO Box. Usually it’s full of the normal stuff, bills, checks, magazines and business correspondence. Today however there was a lumpy package and its contents intrigued me. The return address told me it came from the software company whose online product we use to manage rental properties.

Of course, I opened it first and in the envelope was a giant bag of M & M candies with a letter from the company thanking us for being a customer. I’m thinking, totally cool, these guys get it. An online company that sends snail mail, AWESOME!! Most of my friends and clients know this and are frequent recipients of my handwritten notes.M & M s in the Mail

We all get loads of emails, Facebook messages, tweets and the likes. What we don’t get enough of is personal messages delivered the old fashioned way, via the mail service. Envelopes with love poured inside of them and thoughtful messages.

Here’s an interesting twist that the company sending this doesn’t even know. Tomie is at a real estate conference with a bunch of other guys who do what he does. I sent him a text with this picture and he was also impressed. And as you can imagine, he’s already told a few others.

One of the biggest challenges in most businesses and YES, this includes a real estate business, is staying top of mind with those that know and trust us. Once we have someone who is doing business with us, sometimes we take that relationship for granted. Not intentionally, but often in a quest to share our gifts with even more. Taking a moment, and it only takes a few moments, to send out handwritten notes, birthday greetings or other thoughtful cards periodically will not only help keep you top of mind, but also it will likely make someone’s day, maybe when they needed it the most.

Tip of the week: Put making someone’s day on the calendar. Set aside an hour once a week, or more if you’d like, and write out cards to recent clients, a colleague or a friend. While we don’t know for sure if it will lead to business, I’m positive it will make you smile and them as well.

Love notes, thank you cards and holiday greetings……so simple yet so profound.



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