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Recently my sweetie came home and told me about an experiment he’d done at work that I thought you may like. Prior to a scheduled meeting he was leading he wrote the following on the white board:

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9 x 1 = 7                              9 x 2 = 18

9 x 3 = 27                             9 x 4 = 36

9 x 5 x 45                             9 x 6 = 54

9 x 7 = 63                             9 x 8 = 72

9 x 9 = 81                             9 x 10 = 90

As his co-workers entered the room and got settled he asked them to look at the board and tell him what they saw. Without exception all of them pointed out that the first problem was wrong. That 9 x 1 does not equal 7, it equals 9.

He told them this was exactly how his department looked at things in the work that they do. There were 9, other problems on the board and all everyone commented on was the one that was wrong.

As he further led the meeting he said “I’m not suggesting we ignore the things that are wrong or not work to fix them, I’m just asking that we look for more of what is right around us than what is wrong and speak up often about that.” I couldn’t agree more with that!

Several years ago at a party someone I’d just met asked what I did. Proudly I told them about the magnificent team I worked with that helped coordinate transactions for busy Realtors. His reply was “are there really any busy Realtors in this market”? He’d been focusing on all that was wrong in the industry, sadly getting his information from the media and saw nothing good happening. Here at TMC we were seeing what was going well in the industry and all the wonderful Realtors who were busy helping buyers and sellers accomplish their housing goals even in challenging times.

I’m really proud of the many things the team here does to celebrate what is going right. One such thing is with each email that one of our team members receive from one of our agents praising or thanking them for a job well done, we post it where all other team members can see it and comment on it. Our transaction coordinators often send thank you cards to people who they work with such as a lender, home inspector or a title agent when we see they did something special during the process to let them know it was noticed and appreciated it.  We high five one another virtually and frequently talk about the great things that are happening for us, personally and professionally at our weekly team meeting.

Sure we have to point out from time to time when people aren’t doing what they are supposed to, or when someone sends us something incorrect, but that’s not our only focus. We also know that there is always room for improvement and we’re constantly working on that. In spite of all that we know that there are generally 9, times more things going right in our days than wrong and we believe those things deserve noting more often than not.

I’m not perfect, and I don’t believe anyone is. after all perfection is truly a myth. What I do believe is that each of us has an opportunity daily to make someone smile or feel good about what they are doing, even if it’s just doing their job. And the more we focus on what is right, the more of that we’ll see.

smileIt’s often said that it’s the little things that make the biggest impact. So join us in sharing a smile, sending a message to tell someone you are thankful for something they did and pointing out the good things you see around you. I promise, the good you see will multiply.

Wishing you lots of success, happiness and many things to smile about often.

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