July 10, 2011

Knowledge is Power

  As I write this page, I'm a a friends office who owns The Knowledge Shop in Central Florida.  The reason I'm here is because I home office is a bit noisy the day after Thanksgiving and rather than struggle for silence, I left the house to get some work done.  We became after I took some classes here. The Knowledge Shop is a fantastic place where you can go and learn everything from how to use your computer more effectively, to dance classes, to branding and even networking.  The classes are taught by local and national experts bringing their knowledge and experiences and sharing it with others.  The classes are affordable and often times life changing. The reason I'm commenting on this today is that I often hear others complain they can't do this or that, because they don't know how or don't have the time to learn.  Places like this are a true gem and can help take your business from ho hum to WOW, just by learning a few shortcuts and insider secrets.  No more is the school of hard knocks the only way to acquire the information you need, there are many resources out there just like this wonderful place. Next time you run into a snag in your business or your personal life, don't get mad, get educated.

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