How would winning the lottery feel?

Sure most of us would agree, a large pile of dough would sure brighten our day and even the day of those we know and love. Yet we also have seen that most winners aren’t any happier a year or so later than they were before they won.

So if that’s the case then why?

“Tis Nothing Good Or Bad

Just Thinking That Makes It So”

William Shakespeare

Truth be told, happiness is self induced.  We’re either happy or not, it’s a choice.

There is even scientific evidence to support this, check out the TED video on the right by Dan Gilbert titled The surprising science of happiness

The recent past down turn of the real estate market or the upswing we’re seeing now is not what makes people happy or not, it’s how individually we react. Our team can tell you first hand of the many happy people they work with and the not so happy people who are also part of the same transaction.

Speaking of happiness, there’s a great movie titled Happy which is available on Netflix and also on DVD from Amazon  MM-Happy

Life doesn’t always give us what we want, it’s not all roses and sunshine that’s for sure.  Thankfully with happiness we’re individually able “to be or not to be”.

This week I join me in simply choosing happiness.  Share it, spread it and enjoy it.


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