May 6, 2011

My Fed Ex Kinko’s Story

Marketing is an important part of my business.  Often I am asked to supply flyers, brochures or other collateral materials to the clients I work with and their offices.  Recently I received a call form a wonderful agent client who needed several hundred flyers as part of a program they were putting on.  No problem, I customized something special which co-branded our services and set out to get it copied.  Since her office is local, I generally make deliveries personally; doing a bit of networking also while I'm there. Well it's been raining in Central Florida where I live for the past 5 days, heavy everyday.  Generally the rain doesn't bother me - it's refreshing and of course we usually need it.   Problem was, my driveway, which is normally a mulch drive way was totally washed away.  The last time I'd driven into it I left some serious ruts and I wasn't sure I'd be able to get out without the help of a tow truck. The driveway created a huge dilemma for me.  I had a deadline and didn't want to miss the opportunity to get my marketing pieces to this client.   So, I did what any enterprising business owner did, I called my new friend Andy at FedEx Kinko's.  I knew that I could email him the flyer for printing, I've done that before.  This time, I asked him if I could email him the flyer and have it shipped to it's intended recipient without coming into the store.  Of course Michelle was what he told me.  Cue choir music - HALLELUJAH! So here's how it went down -  I emailed him the flyer, made payment via credit card and it was all taken care of for me.  What an awesome service!  Andy is now my new best friend - he saved me a ton of time and aggravation and helped me meet a deadline without ever leaving the comfort of my home office. If you ever need such a service, I suggest you call Andy - he's at the FedEx Kinko's location over on Lee Road, in Orlando - (407) 298-5045. Because I never had to leave my office for this excellent service, you could have him handle your printing and shipping needs from almost anywhere in the world. Thanks Andy! You saved my day - be sure to see the driveway photo and you'll understand why you'll be getting all my business and any referrals I can.        

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