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I travel a fair amount and generally rely on others when I arrive at a new location for info on the best food in town.   I’m not big on chain restaurants and prefer to dine where locals eat.  It’s been a great way to meet new people and almost everyone likes to chat about their favorite place(s) to eat.  I’ve also discovered, the people will tell you about their favorite wine shops, hair dresser, seamstress or anything else you need if asked.  Most people are very eager to help and share their knowledge.

Recently while reading one of my new geeky books, I came across info on the website  This website is for posting reviews about restaurants and every other business you can imagine.  It’s like asking someone “what is the best blank in town?”  or “what do you think about blank?” and getting multiple replies from different points of views as well as contact info and directions on how to get there.  It’s also a great place where business can register their company, and then ask others to write reviews which helps others learn about a business.

After discovering this great site, I checked out a sampling of my clients and several businesses I work with regularly and discovered that only one of them was listed.  I also learned that in February of 2009 they had over 20 million visitors to the website.  That’s a HUGE amount of traffic and has prompted this email to let you know of this valuable, FR*EE website that will provide you with an opportunity to list your business, get reviews and benefit from some of that traffic.  It will also be a fun place to check out new places and explore something you’re maybe not even aware exists, right in your own city!

So when you have a moment, go to register as an individual and start reviewing and enjoying the information from fellow Yelpers about what’s great in your area or one your visiting.  As a business owner go to and register your business and then solicit reviews from past and current customers.

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