June 13, 2011

Earth Day is Thursday April 22 – Got Any Plans?

Earth Day is basically it’s a global celebration of Earth’s gifts. It’s also day
set aside to spread awareness of people’s destructive behavior on the

No matter what side of the political spectrum we are on,
this day is one where we can reflect on the beauty that surrounds us and the
amazing resources we have.  It’s also a
day  to think about making small changes that add up.  In my house, we’re trying hard to reduce the
amount of items we put into the landfills.  We’re making  changes in the way we shop and how we bring
our items home.
Recently while out on a leisurely
drive, I passed a large landfill and I realized that  many don’t ever see these
places or maybe even think about where our trash ends up.  It had been perhaps 10 or 15 years or more since I’d
seen one.  I’m positive that our steps like
using fewer water bottles, less paper as well as taking our own bags to the
store can help reduce the rate at which this and other landfills grow.
At our office we take great pride in being paperless.  We’ve done that since we started back in 2005.  While it’s not easy to do this in real estate, we made it happen because it’s important to us.

If you’re looking for a way to participate in an Earth Day
celebration in your area, here’s a link to find events.  http://www.earthday.org/events

To learn more about Earth Day and it’s founder, check out
this site.  http://earthday.envirolink.org/history.html
For more ideas on going green visit www.thedailygreen.com
Enjoy your day, enjoy our earth and most of all celebrate everyday.
Best wishes,
Michelle and the Team at Transaction Management Consultants

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