May 6, 2011

Here’s a few Holiday Gifts for you from YOUR Virtual Fairy Godmother

Over the years I’ve had the honor of speaking live and virtually via tele-seminars and webinars about using virtual resources to build a business. A few years ago someone said I was like a Virtual Fairy Godmother and I thought why yes, you’re right, I am. I get to listen to challenges people have and offer solutions. Generally the wand is more in the form of a mouse and a phone, but unlike in Fairytales, when the clock strikes midnight, the solutions I give, don’t disappear.

As your Virtual Fairy godmother I’m here to tell you , we’re in a terrific time now to have a thriving business. Gone are the days when building a business requires you to have a staff of 15 and work in a fancy office. Today, very profitable businesses are built with simple solutions that we all have access to. People, tools and resources, that we can all utilize, regardless of where we are, or they are.

In the next month I’ll be re-launching a seminar called “How to Swim in the Virtual Talent Pool without getting Eaten by Sharks”. I did this seminar live several years ago and have many requests for it recently as virtual workshop. So it’s in the polishing up stage and will be launched in early 2011 as a CD/DVD and workbook. I’ll be giving away 30 copies, so if you’d like one, just drop me an email and I’ll put you on the list.

Till that is complete, I’ve assembled a little techie gift list of my top 10 geeky virtual tools that I hope you’ll find helpful.  Some may be new to you, others perhaps you’ve used all are being used and loved by me.

I’ve just started using this, but can already see its benefits.  Say you need to get someone a message, but don’t have thetime to for a chat when you call.  Simply use the Slydial app (on your phone) or dial 267-SLYDIAL (267-759-3425 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 267-759-3425 end_of_the_skype_highlighting ) from any landline and call that person’s cell phone.  Your call will go directly to their VM, you leave your message and everyone is happy.  See for yourself how easy it is to use this FREE service by going to

Star Trek has arrived at – remember Spock at the controls gathering info and the computer reading it to him.  Well check out – simply type the name of a city, company or a list of other topics and information is read to you and images shared from multiple sources all across the web.  Watch this one, soon your clients will be able to go there, type your name and obtain information all taken from the web about you.

Hootsuite is a powerful social media dashboard.  Using this FREE tool on your computer or your phone will enable you to do twitter searches, watch for topics on your market, like “buying a house in ______”, you fill in your market or a host of other topics that would make it easier for you to find out who’s talking about your area.  You can also use it to keep up with Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn all in one easy convenient place making social media that much easer.  Got a post you want to show up at 5:00pm but will be in a meeting, no problem, just use their schedule a post feature.  Check it out at

TubeMogul is a powerful online video analytics and distribution service that allows you share your videos via their syndication tools and analyze their performance.

Using it is very simple. You record a video and upload it to your TubeMogul account.  Then TubeMogul distributes your video for FREE to all of the most popular video sharing sites (more than 15) on the web, saving you the time and hassle of having to upload the video to those sites one by one on your own! is very powerful and FREE tool that can instantly help get you to the top of Google search engines.

WordPress however isn’t just for bloggers, now you can  easily have your entire website built on their open source platform that will look great and also rank higher in the search engines than the template sites that many use.

It’s user friendly, there are countless plugins to increase the performance, flexibility and best of all, it’s super SEO friendly.

Note –Search engines, especially Google, love fresh content, and they rank your site based on that.  Adding a Blog to your website and posting on it regularly will help increase your search engine rankings as well as traffic.

Adding content to your blog, just got easier.  With it’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Take a quick photo with your cell phone of your listing.
  2. Compose an email with the address of the listing as the subject line and just a sentence or two describing the property.
  3. Send the email to a special address that will instantly post your subject line as the blog post title, insert the photo and follow it up with the descriptive text as the main body of your post.

In about 90 seconds, you’ve got new content and the world has information on the new listing you’ve just taken.  You could also use this for neighborhood info, market data etc.

Note – The main benefit of a photo blog is quickly and easily adding search engine relevant content to your site on a regular basis, not necessarily to inform a reader base.

***  New sites and tools are popping up almost every minute of the day.  The important thing is to remember that while these and many other tools are helpful, they must be in addition to the work we’re doing to build and market our business. We can’t let them distract us.

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