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I think I have always been a "gadget girl".  I had a cell phone back in the old days when you paid $30. a month just to have the thing work.  Then the provider hit me with $.35 a minute when I dared to use it, or could lift the huge thing to my ear.  I was one of the first among my friends to own a personal computer over 15 years ago and now we have 4 in our home.  Today I have webcams, a smart phone, laptop, a blog, several websites and use VOIP.  These tools help me communicate with my clients, my team and I like to think that they make my life easier.  I really love gadgets and new technology.  My passion has led me to some great resources, some free, some modestly priced and some lavishly priced.  Here's the latest and it's FREE!

Do you Jott?  Jott.com is a great little web tool that works in connection with your cell phone to help you take the thumbs out of text messaging.  When I first discovered Jott.com a few months ago, I found the service to be excellent for enabling the registered user to call a toll-free number, dictate a message and have it sent to the requested recipient either via text message or via email.  This service is a real lifesaver when your thumbs don't work as fast as the kid next door or you've got blisters from all the text messages and your thumbs need a break.  It's also very helpful when you have to send a message, but you're stuck in traffic.  No more hoping for a red light to send a text message, just pick up the phone and Jott. 

Jott.com has grown since I first came across it and is now offering even more great tools.  Here's a few suggestions:

•1.  Delegate tasks to others, at the moment you're thinking of them. Got an idea?  Need to ask someone to handle something for you?  Send them a Jott.

•2. Create a group distribution list and send messages to all requested recipients at the same time.  New property on the market? Send a Jott to your distribution list the minute you have the listing agreement signed, while you're backing out of the driveway.

•3. Jott notes to yourself; reminders, expense details, billing hours and add items to your personal to-do list.  Jott works with many other online programs and is an excellent collaborative tool.

•4. Add comments to your blog, post to a Yahoo group, even look up property values on Zillow.

Jott is a free service that continues to add new features.  You will be charged by your cell provider for text messages, but there is no fee to use Jott.com.  Take a moment to set up your very own Jott.com account and start using it to connect with your family, friends and clients right away.

 Let me know what you think.  :-)

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