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Recently while working with a coaching client on improving sales, the following action plan was devised to help him connect with his sphere of influence.  As we looked over this he said “this is information that could be helpful to everyone”.  He suggested that I share this with you so here it is, almost verbatim the list I prepared for him after our call:

1                    Organizing your CRM.  Without an organized database, you’ll have a hard time consistently connecting with anyone.  Review and develop action plans to determine appropriate steps to connect with a particular contact, i.e. – past client, FSBO, expired listings, etc.

2                    Start connecting and reconnecting with past clients and sphere of influence.  A simple plan should include connecting on Holidays, not just the big ones, but the little ones as well, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, etc.  Post cards are simple, inexpensive and effective for many of these mailings.

3                    Be visible on Social Media sites like Facebook to your past and present clients.  Join the conversations they are having, comment on things that they are discussing, even those that have nothing to do with real estate.  Just like at a party, listen, and comment, don’t just spew info on the properties you have for sale.

4                    Start a neighborhood campaign.  Pick a neighborhood and focus on becoming the expert in that area. Pick one and mail to them often.  Too often agents and others alike, send one or two things, get no results, then quit, experts are there often.  Include small restaurants and shops that you frequent and that are in the neighborhood you’re targeting as well.

5                    Neighborhood just listed campaign – this one is pretty simple, mailing to the area you just listed a home in.  Send out a follow-up card when you sell a home.

Doing all of these can be overwhelming, but like eating your favorite meal, you just do it one bite at a time.  Start, be consistent and track your results.  My guess is that this time next year, doing each of these and the other activities you already are doing will result in a dramatic change in your current business.


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