July 10, 2011

Video Makes for Good Google Juice and Leads to SALES

Video is everywhere, just today I took a call from an agent in South Florida who learned about our services after she did a search on YouTube.com.  

Internet experts agree, to be seen online we’ve got to include video into our websites and post those videos on all the major sites for maximum exposure.  Now before you stop reading and tell me you don’t have time for one more thing, hang on a second.  There is a great tools online that make posting videos to multiple websites simple and it’s TOTALLY FREE.  

TubeMogul.com is a video syndication service that allows you to upload your video to their site and they syndicate it out to all the top video sites.  With a built in powerful analytics you can easily see what videos are being viewed and on which sites as well as by who. Additionally you can create RSS fees to syndicate your video anywhere.

Video is in expensive, with Flip Cameras available for about $130.  With a little bit of creativity you can easily shoot videos of the area you farm for out of town prospects, the homes you’ve listed or even information about why a prospect should choose you .  Video also makes a great way to share client testimonials.  Check out

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