Welcome to the all new, greatly improved newsletter of Transaction Management Consultants.  If this is the first time you’re receiving a newsletter from TMC, it’s because it’s been quite some time since we’ve put together a newsletter.  Reasons are numerous, but futile to try to convey and unnecessary with the new publishing schedule I’m adhering to.  So watch your mailbox monthly for new editions, and please be sure to share with your colleagues.

 I thought to start off this “new” newsletter, it would be best to describe what you’ll find here in this and future editions. 

 Sales & Marketing, Technology, Business Building, Guest Columnist, Virtual Fairy Godmother, Food

 All of the ideas and tips will be budget conscious.  Like most of you, I don’t have an unlimited budget either.  There will also be plenty of surprises in each edition as well.   So strap on your reading glasses, kick back and enjoy.

Inside This Issue
1 Welcome
1 Time Management of the Wealthy

I Can’t…by Andrea “Andy” Tolbert (Guest Contributor)

3 The Virtual Fairy Godmother Corner
4 Totally FREE 411 Service

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