September 7, 2011

Simple Ways to Increase your Internet Presence aka “Get Found”

Simple Ways to Increase your Internet Presence aka “Get Found” – by Michelle Spalding Yes, internet marketing can be confusing and downright overwhelming for at times. Having a strong presence there is not only important, it can also be critical to the growth and survival of our business. The internet is the first place we [...]

Essential Mechanics of a World-Class Business

To Do List

nvesting in your future business needs may seem silly to some when all we really want is the phone to ring and the leads to convert to sales. However, without a proper foundation it’s difficult to fully capitalize on all the marketing and lead generation that’s being done. Investing in creating the essential mechanics for our business will ensure that we are getting the most out of our time and dollars.

Did you hear my radio interview?

Recently I had the privilege of being interviewed by several very successful  investors located in South Florida.  They host a very popular online radio show daily from 4-6 and cover many real estate topics specifically those relating to…