May 27, 2011

Today isn’t an average day – and you’re not like anyone else!!

Michelle & Emily Spalding - Mardi Gras Pensacola 2009

To many people, today is just your average Tuesday. Just like people think being a Realtor, Sales Person, Manager or whatever you do is just like every other person in your industry. While you and I both know that’s not true, it’s often tough to stand out in a crowd in today’s busy world. Too often the only comparison people have is title to title

Are you listed on Google? More gifts for you and your family

Can your prospects find you on Google Maps? There’s no doubt that our lives have dramatically changed thanks to Google.  I recently watched a show about them and realized that in just 12 short years they’ve totally changed the way we look for information.  When we were kids, we were told to look in a [...]

Are your Photos Helping you Sell Homes or Scaring Away Potential Buyers? – By Safiya Sampson

Our listing dept handles entering listings into the MLS and many other websites as well as creating flyers for many agents.  Unfortunately some photos aren’t really helping sell homes.  Here are some reminders on getting the maximum exposure for your listings. 1- TAKE GOOD PICTURES – be careful to not take pictures of furniture, take [...]

Are You Hitting the Right Spot

Knowing who your target client is the key to building any business, real estate is no different. As a Realtor it’s critical to realize, especially newbie’s, that not everyone buying or selling a home is your target client. Spreading your marketing dollars too thin and not focusing on the clients you really want will leave you broke and without any business.

Selling Homes isn’t for the Faint At Heart……’s a LOT OF WORK!!

Stressed Out

Often one of the greatest challenges even the best Realtors face is managing the transaction once the property enters the contract phase.  Most buyers and sellers have no idea how much work is involved in the process of getting a home to closing. It is often difficult to juggle the demands of gathering the necessary [...]

Have you read The 4-Hour Workweek?

One of this summer's hottest best sellers according to the New York Times is The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss.  This book does a great job discusses the benefits of outsourcing, automating and systematizing your way to the life you want….

Defining your market will make your business soar!

Knowing who your target client is the key to building any business.  And real estate is no different.  As a Realtor it's critical to realize, especially newbie's, that not everyone buying or selling a home is your targe…