May 29, 2011

^^ Super Simple Strategy to Increase your Sales^^

The easiest way to increase business is by staying connected with those that already know, trust and adore you. This is the number one strategy of many top sales and business professionals.  They realize that nurturing a relationship, building rapport and staying connected is one of the best and possibly the only way to build [...]

Relationships Matter by Amy Hanavan

Have you ever found yourself wondering “What is the matter with the world today?”  Well, one answer to that question is could be “Energy is the matter!” Modern science has already determined that everything in the universe is made up of energy.  So if all matter is energy, and all energy is matter, then the [...]

Wealth Attraction

July was full of fun and adventure.  First the move to the beach, yes I spoke about it in the July newsletter, but I’m still pretty excited to be here and walking on the beach almost daily.  The next exciting event was my trip to Cleveland to see Dan Kennedy speak about Wealth Attraction.  If [...]

Are You Hitting the Right Spot

Knowing who your target client is the key to building any business, real estate is no different. As a Realtor it’s critical to realize, especially newbie’s, that not everyone buying or selling a home is your target client. Spreading your marketing dollars too thin and not focusing on the clients you really want will leave you broke and without any business.

Defining your market will make your business soar!

Knowing who your target client is the key to building any business.  And real estate is no different.  As a Realtor it's critical to realize, especially newbie's, that not everyone buying or selling a home is your targe…