May 27, 2011

Building Relationships with Target Marketing

Knowing who and building relationships with your target or ideal client is the key to building success in any business.  McDonalds knows that not everyone is their customer, only those wanting quick hot food.  There are no waiters, cloth napkins or wine lists.  They spend their marketing dollars targeting their ideal customer, the person who wants Fast Food.  Your [...]

Are You Hitting the Right Spot

Knowing who your target client is the key to building any business, real estate is no different. As a Realtor it’s critical to realize, especially newbie’s, that not everyone buying or selling a home is your target client. Spreading your marketing dollars too thin and not focusing on the clients you really want will leave you broke and without any business.

Defining your market will make your business soar!

Knowing who your target client is the key to building any business.  And real estate is no different.  As a Realtor it's critical to realize, especially newbie's, that not everyone buying or selling a home is your targe…