May 29, 2011

~~Luck, just another 4 letter word? ~~

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from the team at   Transaction Management Consultants. Today, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, and me being  Irish, I thought it would be fun to explore the word LUCK Truth be told, I think we give luck way to much credit for peoples successes and failures. According to it’s [...]

Good Gravy ~ It’s Turkey Day

This time a year more so than ever, we are all reminded of how thankful we are for all the many blessings we have. All in a Word By Aileen Fisher T for time to be together, turkey, talk, and tangy weather. H for harvest stored away, home, and hearth, and holiday. A for autumn’s [...]


Welcome to the all new, greatly improved newsletter of Transaction Management Consultants.  If this is the first time you’re receiving a newsletter from TMC, it’s because it’s been quite some time since we’ve put together a newsletter.  Reasons are numerous, but futile to try to convey and unnecessary with the new publishing schedule I’m adhering [...]

Earth Day is Thursday April 22 – Got Any Plans?


Earth Day is basically it’s a global celebration of Earth’s gifts. It’s also day set aside to spread awareness of people’s destructive behavior on the environment. No matter what side of the political spectrum we are on, this day is one where we can reflect on the beauty that surrounds us and the amazing resources [...]

Happy Memorial Day



 Memorial Day, formerly known as Decoration Day, takes place on the last Monday of the month to remember lost soldiers.
The name ‘Memorial Day’ came about in 1882, but the federal government did not recognize i…