Transaction Coordinator - Michelle Spalding

Michelle Spalding

In 2015, Michelle published her long-awaited book, The Road from Contract to Close: How to Successfully (and Easily) Manage the Details without Losing Your Mind – Or Your Clients! – As an insightful narrative on how her company, Transaction Management Consultant, LLC, has forever changed the Real estate industry. The book highlights the real need for service and describes how Michelle formulated a series of new and innovative systems.

Based on Michelle’s experience as a Real Estate Agent, The Road from Contract to Close discovers how to plant the roots of something new and valuable from which other Realtors can evolve. Michelle quickly realized that Relators struggle to track their deals due to so many moving parts, and saw how this degraded the process as well as hampered their business growth.

Now, Michelle proudly partners with Relators across the country to teach them her tricks of the trade, or to simply lend her Online Closing Team to them, in the hopes of supporting the real estate industry with practical and powerful tools.

In addition to supporting her team at TMC, Michelle provides private consulting and coaching services for select clients. She is often asked to speak at conferences, real estate training events, seminars, as well as webinars and teleconferences, about her unique role in growing the Transaction Coordinator Industry from roots.

Originally from Denver, Colorado, Michelle now lives with her family in St. Augustine, FL. She is a proud mother of two grown boys and one daughter, and recently became a Grandmother, or “GiGi” as she is affectionally known to the Grand-Ginger Princess. When the work day is done, Michelle can often be found collecting sea shells on the beach, or indulging in ‘Taco Tuesday’ with friends and family.

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