August 30, 2011

Audio Interviews

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One of my favorite things is asking successful people, how they do what they do.  I’ve found that learning form others is generally a short cut to success and much easier than trying to do it alone.  What I’ve found is that much of what we do depends on our thoughts and actions.  The right frame of mind and action, often massive action, will get us to the place of success we’re looking for.

Over the years I’ve interviewed many experts in various topics including:  Internet Marketing, Wealth Building, Sales Strategies, Listening to Buyers as well as various interviews with some of our Top Producing Clients.

Featured here a  a few of my recent interviews.  We’ll update this often so book mark this page and check back soon.

Wealthy Wishes,

Michelle Spalding

Obviously, there is little you can learn from doing nothing.            ~Zig Ziglar