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It’s been a while since I’ve written a post, I’m really sorry about that. Between the holidays and naps I’ve been a bit off task. I believe that confession is good for the soul, despite the marketing advice from the so called “gurus” saying not to call attention to the fact that you’ve fallen off the writing bandwagon.

While I am a cat and known for being a bit sneaky,PIa at work which I assure you is purely for random entertainment purposes for myself and sometimes to amuse those around, I believe in being fully transparent and speaking from my little kitty heart.

It was a year on February 24 since I came to live here with Michelle and her family. In that time, I’ve spent a lot of time hanging out in her office, some of it napping (okay, lots of it napping), and I’ve listened as she chats with her transaction coordinator team or clients on the phone. Several times I’ve heard her express her frustration with people who call to try to “sell” something to her. Their only focus she felt was on making the sale and had nothing to do with the need or desire she had.

Case in point, once someone called to ask her about upgrading the printer/copier she had in the office. They mentioned that they’d seen her website and that base on the current team size she had they would recommend this certain model. I heard Michelle try to interrupt the caller a few times yet the sales person just plowed ahead through his script. When he finally took a breath she said, “we are a paperless office and all of our team members work remotely from their home office so I don’t need anything like that, thank you”.

Funnily enough after that he thought he could sell her enough to outfit the home office of everyone on the team, giving them a personal version rather than the big corporate version he’d originally tried to inject into her office.

business-man-1176006_640Had this sales person actually taken 2 minutes to look at the website closely he’d have seen that all of the transaction coordinators work remotely and it’s paperless. Meaning she likely had no need or desire for a fancy printer/copier.

When Michelle kindly tried to let him down easy by telling him the way the business was run he didn’t hear the paperless part and just rattled off how great their product would be in the home offices of the team members, blah, blah, blah. Sadly, I could hear him through the phone and he kind of sounded like me when I’m trying to cough up a hair ball if you know what I mean.

Here’s the deal – sales are necessary to grow a business, I understand that, after all Michelle’s team helps Realtors leverage their time so they can sell more homes, yet listening to what the potential client REALLY needs is critical to the success of sales. Selling something just to sell it is ridiculous.

Zen Advise – listen more than you speak…..I know it’s so simple right? And you have two ears and only one mouth making this potentially even easier. Cats are totally wired to listen more than we speak, we hear everything, even when we’re napping, we just like to make you think we’re ignoring you.

Give it a try, ask questions and then LISTEN. Oh and know this if you call Michelle to sell her something you think the transaction coordinators or her need, learn more about how they work BEFORE you just spew your sales pitch at her. She’s getting much better at just hanging up the phone when people don’t listen or let her talk.

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