Zen Advise on Dealing with Hurricanes

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It’s been a while since I’ve written. It’s not that I didn’t have much to say, it’s simply that I’ve been enjoying napping and playing with the geckos that hangout on the patio where I spend much of my time. It was the summer; I was feeling lazy and besides Michelle and her team were so busy they didn’t have time to put the words I dictated together into a blog post.

Until a few weeks ago, when that that awful beast came to town I was about to declare this to be the best summer ever.
What beast you ask?

Matthew…..Hurricane Matthew to be exact.

As he set path straight for the small town that Michelle and her family live in of St. Augustine, there was a lot of discussions around the house about something that they called evacuating. At first I wasn’t too concerned, they chat about a lot of things and most don’t really impact me. Sure they sometimes leave me for hours and hours or even overnight occasionally. They always make sure I have food, water and the blinds up on my favorite window ledge so I can watch what is happening in the neighborhood.

Well, it turns out that this beast Hurricane Matthew was something that the family feared, and from what the news was saying they had every reason to be fearful and so they decided to evacuate. This meant a fury of packing up some things, loading the truck and putting the harness and leash on me. Gosh I hate that thing; it so humiliating to a cat to be on a leash.

Before we left Michelle met with her team of Transaction Coordinators and told them to prep for the storm, evacuate if they wanted to or were in an area that was mandatory and to take care of themselves and their family. With them spread out all over the state some were in higher risk areas than others. She told them all that their safety was the most important thing and that we’d pick up business when we returned to work after the storm. Everyone they work with was notified and understood the severity of the situation.

Soon we were on our way, the family and I were headed South West to ride out the storm. I was happy that they didn’t leave me, but also a little freaked out by the moving truck. Soon I settled in and did my best to sleep on the 5-hour journey to Sarasota.

Michelle kept tabs on the family and the team, making sure to check in and confirm that everyone was safe. Everyone sat around the TV and prayed for the best.
After a few days in Sarasota we turned around and headed home. Thankfully Hurricane Matthew didn’t get my special treats and the AC was working as well.

We felt so lucky that no one we knew experienced any major damage! While watching the news with the family I saw pictures of flooding nearby – As cat this would have been horrific on many levels so I’m grateful we didn’t experience that. We also saw trees down, power outages and a big ol’ mess.

It’s now been a few weeks and businesses in the area are reopening I hear, people are getting things fixed and what is super cool is that neighbors are helping neighbors. Michelle and Emmy helped out in one area that got hit pretty hard. The family has also vowed to shop locally and dine at local restaurants as they reopen to show their support.

I’ll take the family’s word for it that the City is coming back together. I have no desire to put that harness back on or get back into that truck and check out the scenery anytime soon. I’ll just stay here where it’s comfy, there are lots of prime places for naps and plenty of cat treats on hand.

Zen Advise: When an ugly beast like Hurricane Matthew comes to town, don’t stick around and invite him over for tea. Leave, let him throw his temper tantrum and move one. You will do no one any good dead or injured.

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