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Recently I received 7 identical emails from the different Realtors who were part of the same company. With the exception of the sender details each one was exactly the same.


My Realtor friends, it’s time to start giving those reading your emails a reason to look forward to them. Let the readers know what makes you unique, different from your fellow agent. Let them know why you’re the one they should stay connected to.  Not how skilled you are at adding them to a drip campaign.


After all, can you possible believe that your reader will feel special because you sent them 10 emails, exactly like another agent in the office they met at an open house? Truth be told it’s likely to make your emails unread or worse yet, people to unsubscribe from your emails.

Shouldn’t it really be about Quality vs. Quantity?

Now before you fire off an email telling me you’re busy, let me say I totally agree that we’ve got to use many approaches to keep connected and there are many so saving time is important, however……..add some creativity to it. Tell your “list” why you’re special, why they should enjoy reading emails from you and how you’ll help them when they are ready for a real estate transaction.


Here’s a few ideas:

1. Send a funny video, like the one at the above.

2. Send an inspirational quote or story.

3. Send them stories of the people you helped find houses or sell. Testimonials, videos, anything to show that you’ve got fans out there and giving the reader another reason to read more.

4. Share real life stories, a recent vacation, special event, etc., people like working with people, we buy and do business with individuals, not generic companies. I would have happily read an email about someone’s recent trip to Cancun over the generic content I received.

5. Hire someone to write for you if this is something that you’re not thrilled about doing or don’t have time for. There are countless places to find excellent writers who can help customize content for you to send to your readers based on your market.

While I’m no marketing expert, I’m confident that with a simple tweak to your follow-up campaigns and some fresh content your readers will be reading and responding to your emails with big smiles.


Here’s to happy emailing ever after……


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