Why Did You Choose To Be A Realtor?

There are almost as many reasons for people choosing a career in real estate as there are Realtors in the business. Some are seeking flexibility and freedom with their schedules and see being an independent agent as a means to control their schedule. There are those that love sales and see this as a place […]

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What it Cost vs. What it’s Costing You

Not long ago, I was chatting with a Realtor who’d called to inquire about our Transaction Coordinator services. Before sharing with him what we offer, I asked him more about his business and why he was contacting us. He told me about his production, the number of years he’d been in business, as well as […]

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Balance, Time Management and Other Fairy Tales

Being a real estate entrepreneur is exciting, rewarding and can also be extremely stressful. Often it is because we try to do it all ourselves, fearing that we aren’t busy enough or “ready” for help. Eventually burning the candle at both ends leads to burnout. In this video Michelle Spalding, founder of Transaction Management Consultants, […]

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