Halloween Wishes from Pia the Office Manager @ TMC

transaction coordinator halloween
Here in West Chicago, the winds are kicking up, the temperature is dropping, and the leaves are falling from the trees. There aren’t as many children playing at the park across the street. And just the other day one of my neighbors, a fluffy white dog, was walking her owner and had a bright red sweater on. How insulting!


Apparently, there is something brewing, and with this being my first year living outside of Florida, I’m not sure what to make of it. Speaking of brewing, those wacky Transaction Coordinators have been up to some shenanigans again. And I have a video to prove it! Check it out below.


On behalf of the entire team, I want to wish you a Happy Halloween. May you enjoy lots of treats today.






Office Manager/Blogger/Nap Queen

P.S. – The family said there was something called “flurries” over the weekend. Strange word, I’ll have to look it up after my nap.

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