How About Some YOU Time?

How About Some YOU Time? - Transaction Coordinator

Yes, our days are busy!  We’ve all got business/career obligations, family time, commuting and such which can leave little time for ourselves.  Feeling tired, worn out or frustrated doesn’t help us achieve the goals and dreams, it only sets us back.  Too often we ignore the signs that we need a break until something comes on us like a cold or flu and then we’re forced to “take it easy” to recuperate. 

Rather than waiting until you’re forced, why not start now planning it into your schedule.  A few minutes or hours here and there can lead to a much more productive, happy and energetic YOU.  Here are a few ideas you may find helpful:

  1. Start your day with a good book.  Pick an inspiring book one that will help you get into a positive frame of mind and spend 15-20 minutes in the morning enjoying some quiet YOU time.
  2. Adjust your schedule for traffic patterns.  If you’re leaving your house only to spend time in bumper to bumper traffic, consider adjusting your schedule to a time when there is less traffic on the roads.  If you’re left with no alternative be sure to load up the CD player or smart phone with a podcast of something inspiring or educational to make the trip more pleasant.
  3. Take a bubble bath! This one is my favorite, lock the door, dim the lights and simply soak for as long as you can.  Make the time by ordering pizza for the kids and eating on paper plates.  With a little creativity you can find a way, once a week or so to simply relax and unwind.
  4. Go to the movies.  Kick back, relax and get into the movie for the 2 hours really enjoy it.  Don’t just show up, but totally check out and get into it enjoying each moment of the experience.  No cell phones, no computers, no interruptions.
  5. Ask for help.  As Realtors we’re generally determined to do it all, after all it’s our real estate business and no one can do it as good.  Women are often the last to ask for help.  Start small, pick something you can get assistance with perhaps it’s loading the dishes, washing the car or picking up the dry cleaning.  Maybe it’s hiring a virtual assistant to do research or help you with your marketing. Then maybe a trusted Transaction Coordinator to help you with all of your contracts. You don’t have to do it all, it just has to get done.

One of the sayings most of us are familiar with “if Mama isn’t happy, no one is” also applies to the guys.  Spread some happiness, joy and do it by making time for YOU.

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