How many items on this list are you still doing?

Transaction Coordinator Can Help You Find Balance and More Sales

Attn Busy Real Estate Agents  

So many things have to happen once you get a property under contract, but not all of them need to be handled exclusively by YOU


How many items on this list are you still doing? 

□    Create an online file with all documents, notes, emails, and tasks needed/completed

□    Phone introduction to everyone on the transaction lender, title, co-operating agent, etc following up with an email so they have contact info

□    Coordinate appointments for all inspections – making sure that access to   the property is available, utilities are on and the reports are received

□    Gather all missing documents or obtaining signatures

□    Request HOA/Condo docs and deliver to Buyer

Busy Real Estate Agent in need of a Transaction Coordinator

□    Coordinate Buyer HOA/Condo approval and track the status

□    Track deadlines and stay ahead of them to ensure contract compliance

□    Work with Buyer to secure property insurance

□    Follow up and track repair items, gather receipts for file

□    Manage others to ensure they are on task, jump in if needed to pick up slack

□    Request and track title and survey documents for file – verify that title agent has  what they need to facilitate a SMOOTH closing

□    Request and track loan commitment, appraisal & lender approval

□    Provide updates to your client and answer routine questions

□    Order home warranty and deliver copy to buyer or buyer’s agent and title agent

□    Coordinate, pre-closing walk through, closing and provide directions to all   parties and let them know what to bring as well as who needs to attend

□    Provide buyer or buyer’s agent with utility info received from seller

□    Get the Closing Statement from closing agent and deliver copy to your client for review

□     Confirm funding took place and commission check received

□    Turn file into office, prepare any forms to stay in compliance with brokerage and   maintain a backup digital 

Our highly skilled Transaction Coordinators can do all of these task for you. 

Are you finally ready to get some help with these items?……..Let’s talk SOON!


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