The New Year Goals Crossroad

Each year, for many of us, there is a little ritual we go through to create goals and change something in our lives and/or businesses. Some of the top goals set each year are around health and income. We want a healthier body, which may mean being more active or eating differently. We want to increase our sales which may involve working leads a little harder and recommitting to connecting with our sphere of influence.

And while each of these is exciting, it doesn’t take long for many of us to realize that goals printed on the wall eventually aren’t enough to inspire us. Shear will power isn’t enough either. What we most often need to do, is stop doing something else to make the time required to work on our new goals.

After all, you probably pretty busy last year and didn’t have the time, how is this year going to be different if you don’t give yourself more time in your schedule?

Way back in 2007, a few years into my Transaction Coordinator business, I read the book The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris. It totally transformed the way I looked at my time and that of those around me. It made me take a personal inventory of what I wanted to do in life and the experiences I wanted to have. The work I was best suited for, and the things I should delegate to another who was likely better at it anyway. And while I have yet to mast the 4-hour work week truly, I can say that when I apply Tim’s ideas, I get more done in 4 hours that I used to get done in 40 hours.

That book also helped me have meaningful conversations with Realtors who were struggling with their time and knew they needed to do something to accomplish their personal and professional goals.

Recently I listened to a podcast by Tim Ferris where he interviewed Greg McKeown, author of my next read, Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less   I’ve posted a link to it below and highly suggest listening to it.



Basically, Greg’s work and teaching are about deciding what is essential in the life we want to live. So, using the goal of increasing income this year, Realtors would likely be working on increasing the number of closings they have. They may also be looking to improve the average sales price of their transactions as well. Given that they felt they were super busy last year, they know that something is going to have to dramatically change this year to up their sales and break into the luxury market. Initially, they may think, well, I’ll just work a little harder, maybe be more focused, disciplined and even quit that Netflix series they’ve been enjoying. And that sometimes works for a little while, but it’s not sustainable. They arrive at a crossroad where they must, push through, change the goal or find an alternative.

I like to think of having a Transaction Coordinator on your team as a smart alternative. While you have more time to focus on the goals you’ve set forth for yourself, your Transaction Coordinator can be busy helping you see to it that the transactions you have under contract make it to the finish with the kind of service that will all but guarantee you referrals.

So, this year, as you’re looking at that list of goals you wish to accomplish – ask yourself, what should I NOT be doing to make this happen. And if it’s the things you see on this list, then we can help you with that.

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