The Opposite of Good is?

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At an event, I attended the speaker asked the audience what the opposite of good is?  As you can imagine many thoughts initially went through my mind, but quite merely she said that the opposite of good is GREAT. 

Wait, what? The opposite of good is great?

Let’s take a more in-depth look:

Do I want good service or great service when I am out spending my money? 

Do I want to have a good year or a great year? 

Do I want good clients or great clients? 

Do I want to feel good or do I want to feel great? 

The answer to all those questions for me and many others is great.  I believe we all want to have a great experience and provide our customers with great service. And as the owner of a company that provides transaction coordinators to busy Realtors, I’m proud to say that we’re dedicated providing great service to our clients and theirs so that the entire closing experience is a great one.  I believe that repeat business and referrals come from delivering great service.  I hope that you have as much business as you want this year and those that follow.  Remember TMC can help you Manage the Details and enable you to serve even more clients.

Transaction coordinator real estate

If you’re to the point in your business where you know you need help to continue to provide GREAT service to your clients from contract to close. And you’re looking to grow your business without compromising your work/life balance, then let’s chat. We’d be delighted to help you deliver the type of great service that will help guarantee smooth transactions and lots of referrals from your happy clients.

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