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Welcome to the all new, greatly improved newsletter of Transaction Management Consultants.  If this is the first time you’re receiving a newsletter from TMC, it’s because it’s been quite some time since we’ve put together a newsletter.  Let’s rephrase that, “it’s been a too long time since I’ve written and published a newsletter”.  Reasons are numerous, but futile to try to convey and unnecessary with the new publishing schedule I’m adhering to.  Of course the money I’m paying my coach to make sure I do this is also motivation, but a totally different story.

While a few will still receive the newsletter in digital format, most receiving this will enjoy it in an old fashioned way, on paper.  Yes, it would be cheaper, yes it would be easier but it would also be, just another interruption in your in box so I’m committed to getting this to a printer, sticking a label on it and a stamp and having our friends at the United States Post Office personally deliver it to you.

I thought to start off this “new” newsletter, it would be best to describe what you’ll find here in this and future editions.

Sales & Marketing – In this section, you’ll find ideas that are not like what you’ll find everyone else talking about.  Some may make you think I’ve lost it, others will be ideas you can implement or tweak and run with to see improvements in your business.

Technology – being a geek at heart, I love technology.  In this section each month I’ll be bringing you new tools, tips and some fun things.

Business Building – This isn’t just about sales; it’s about creating a business that gives you freedom, one that doesn’t rely on you trading hours for dollars.  There is no miracle cure or even a 4 Hour Work Week, but there are ways you can work less and make more.

Guest Columnist – I’ve contacted many people in the industry, some of the brightest and best out there, and asked them to participate in bringing a new

Virtual Fairy Godmother – I’ve been called the Virtual Fairy Godmother by others in this business for many years.  A Fairy Godmother someone who you can go to for help and guidance.  Because of the real estate business building information I speak on, especially virtually, this title has suited me well.

Food – yes that’s right, all work and no play makes one a boring soul.  So Tomie O’Neil, my partner and our sales director will be contributing monthly with an article and/or recipe on food.  He’s an amazing and adventurous cook I wish I could send each of you a sample along with this newsletter.  For now, you’ll have to just read his column and take my word for it.

All of the ideas and tips will be budget conscious.  Like most of you, I don’t have an unlimited budget either.  There will also be plenty of surprises in each edition as well.  Things that aren’t mentioned here but you’ll find just as informative.

So strap on your reading glasses, kick back and enjoy the first of many newsletters to come.

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