Why Did You Choose To Be A Realtor?

There are almost as many reasons for people choosing a career in real estate as there are Realtors in the business.

Some are seeking flexibility and freedom with their schedules and see being an independent agent as a means to control their schedule. There are those that love sales and see this as a place to make their mark. While others are passionate about helping buyers and sellers realize their individual homeownership dreams and have answered the call.

And then there are those who simply watched a TV show and thought, “that looks easy, I’ll just show three houses and my client will buy one” and got into the business with no idea what they were in for. Bless their hearts!

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege to chat with thousands of agents and discovered that for most of them, it’s a combination of their love of helping others, strong sales acumen, and flexibility/freedom in their schedule that lure them into this business.

Sometime after being at it for a while, they see that helping others pays off both personally rewarding and financially as well. And soon they are busy with a few more clients at the expense of having less freedom in their schedule often believing this is just how it’s done.  After all many in this business measure success solely in numbers.

In House Transaction CoordinatorThey struggle to achieve what they want in their business. Dreaming that one day, in the future, they will have the means to hire a full-time assistant who will give them back some of the much-desired flexibility and freedom they sought when launching into this.

About the point of breaking or burning out, things start to slow down a bit in the business, and they think “okay, I can do this” and they continue at it alone. Soon, it’s heating up, and they just keep pushing through it as now there is no time to hire and train anyone so they must journey on.

Sound familiar? Well, it should, it’s the story of many of the agents I’ve worked with over the years and the thousands I’ve had conversations with. Feeling like the three-legged stool they thought they were on when they started is now just a two-legged, and they are in a constant state of trying to keep it balanced without falling over.

Recently one of our Transaction Coordinators received an email that brought a tear to the eyes of everyone on our team how read it.  The Realtor was thinking his coordinator for the work she did and how it was helping him have more time in his life for things that really mattered to him, like spending more of it with his kids and less of it at the office following up on things, which by the way he agrees wasn’t his strongest skill. The day he sent the email was his son’s 16th birthday, he told his Transaction Coordinator that he knew with all that was going on in his business if he didn’t have her helping him he’d be stuck at the office working late rather than spending time with his son. A son whom he went onto explain was born premature and wasn’t expected to live. Needless to say, birthdays are pretty special in that family.

For this agent, the income was vital as he has a family to provide for; he liked sales as well, but spending time with them was also very important. With the help of a skilled Transaction Coordinator he was finding that he could have all the things he wanted from his business.

So now I ask, what’s your reason for being a Realtor?  Most importantly, are you getting what you wanted when you decided to go down this path? Is there anything you’d like more of that a few more hours in the day or week could bring you?

Maybe it’s time to invest in a full-time assistant, or perhaps it’s time to hire a Transaction Coordinator. Whatever it is you need remember the reason you became a Realtor wasn’t to miss family activities and time with your friends.

The Team at TMC is happy to help from contract to close, feel free to reach out and let’s chat about the goals you have and the obstacles getting in the way of you achieving them.


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