Work Your Business Like a Business

By Beth Barnett, Director of Communications

I remember hearing this phrase as a brand-new agent. I don’t think the ink on my license had dried yet! This sounded great and I remember being so excited. I also remember that in my inexperience and naivete that I hadn’t a clue what that statement meant. I then spent years and a fair amount of my hard-earned money with coaches, seminars, books, mentors, colleagues and even competitors learning exactly what this phrase really means.

So, in an effort to pay it forward here’s a few bullet points for you to ponder.

  • Set achievable goals; should have short term, midterm and long-term goalstransaction coordinator list
  • Know your numbers; need to know lead conversion rates to set realistic goals
  • Network, network, network
  • Use scripts; don’t be afraid of this concept!
  • Never pre-judge a lead!
  • Use a decent CRM system
  • Have an exit strategy; no matter how wonderful your current broker is there will come a time when it better suits your needs to move on. Have a plan.
  • Find a Mentor; sometimes this can be someone outside of the industry. A good mentor will LISTEN and be able to point you in the right direction at the right time.
  • Find balance in your personal, business and spiritual life; neglect this one at your own risk!
  • Delegate; you simply cannot do it all.
    • Find a good transaction coordinator

    • Get help with branding/marketing

    • Consider forming a team

    • Find a good tax accountant

    • Consider forming an LLC or INC – get good legal advice

make time for what matter mostLastly, never stop learning, but never let learning stop you from taking action toward your business goals and dreams.

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